[fennec_headline tag=“h2″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““ texttransform=“uppercase“ fontsize=“55px“ fontcolor=“#21add9″]A tailor-made solution for your process automation[/fennec_headline]
[fennec_headline tag=“h2″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““]BPMC Business Process Automation[/fennec_headline]

The BPMC process automation platform offers you an easy way to automate your business processes. You can execute your BPMN, CMMN & DMN-based process models directly. BPMC provides an intuitive user interface to control your business processes. The BPMC Business Object Store allows data to be stored across different processes and IT systems. Stored data is made available to users at a single point of information.

Endless workloads and waiting for months for process adaptations are a thing of the past with BPMC. With BPMC, you automate processes based on the established standards: BPMN, CMMN & DMN. These models are easy to understand and provide a common basis for users and developers to efficiently map and automate business processes. A common, standardized XML format that allows for the immediate execution of the models.

Until now, you could only choose between cheap Open Source solutions or costly enterprise BPMS systems. The first option requires „basic research“ in the development of your own BPMS, with all its advantages and disadvantages. The latter usually offers only limited flexibility and means complex integration into your IT environment.
With BPMC, you get all the necessary components for the simple and flexible implementation of process applications. BPMC includes flexible task lists, project views, access control, depiction of project dependencies, reporting functions, storage structures and much more.

The appealing, easy-to-use user interface  will inspire you. Our components rely on the established design standards of Web 2.0. Modern instant messaging and document management like on your Mac or Windows notebook. In addition, we provide you with a simple overview of your current business processes.

Through the innovative use of modern database systems, we bring your data directly into the business processes. The BPMC Business Object Store aggregates data from your inventory systems aand makes them available to process applications. Within the process applications, the data in your inventory systems is kept up-to-date by means of real time interfaces.

BPMC Example
[fennec_headline tag=“h2″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““]Process Intelligence with BPMC[/fennec_headline]

The BPMC Process Tracker provides comprehensive information for operational and strategic decisions. A parameterizable key figure system informs employees and managers about facts and trends – clearly and up-to-date. Recognize wrong developments and respond to them in a timely manner. Create the basis for effective process optimization.

[fennec_lists][fennec_listitem icon=“fa-circle-o“]Achieve targets faster and improve business performance[/fennec_listitem][fennec_listitem icon=“fa-circle-o“]Optimize resource utilization, react flexibly to new market conditions[/fennec_listitem][fennec_listitem icon=“fa-circle-o“]Benchmarks[/fennec_listitem][fennec_listitem icon=“fa-circle-o“]Continuously monitor and control processes[/fennec_listitem][fennec_listitem icon=“fa-circle-o“]A maximum of transparency for optimizing your processes[/fennec_listitem][fennec_listitem icon=“fa-circle-o“]Detect weak points and bottlenecks[/fennec_listitem][/fennec_lists]
[fennec_headline tag=“h2″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““ texttransform=“uppercase“ fontsize=“30px“ fontcolor=“#ffffff“]Process Management is our passion[/fennec_headline]
[fennec_headline tag=“p“ fontweight=““ lineheight=““ fontsize=“20px“ fontcolor=“#aaaaaa“]Through our many years of experience in process management and software development, we are optimally implementing your requirements for efficient business processes.[/fennec_headline]
[fennec_headline tag=“h2″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““]BPMC as a service[/fennec_headline]

Choose the optimal solution for your company. Host BPMC in your IT environment, or simply use the BPMC Cloud Service.

[fennec_headline tag=“h3″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““ texttransform=“uppercase“ fontsize=“20px“ margin=“0 0 0 0″]Rely on Market leaders[/fennec_headline]

BPMC expands on Camunda BPM, the leading platform for business process management, and sets the best performance on Elastic Search.

In addition, BPMC is compatible with the most common databases, e.g. Oracle, MySQL & Postgres DB compatible.

[fennec_headline tag=“h3″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““ texttransform=“uppercase“ fontsize=“20px“ fontcolor=“#ffffff“ margin=“0 0 0 0″]Innovative Pricing[/fennec_headline]

Instead of paying for expensive licenses, you can purchase the BPMC software as a service on request with usage-based billing.

[fennec_headline tag=“h3″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““ texttransform=“uppercase“ fontsize=“20px“ margin=“0 0 0 0″]STAY ON TOP[/fennec_headline]

The ownership of data, know-how and processes remains in your company.

Be independent of software producers or service partners. BPMC is open source.

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