[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-star“ title=“PROCESS MANAGMENT SOLUTIONS“]Business processes are coordinated and orchestrated.
Combining the latest standards of BPMN, CMMN & DMN guarantees maximum flexibility and efficiency.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-cogs“ title=“PROCESS AUTOMATION“]Rapid and efficient automation of business processes with our flexible BPMC solution.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-users“ title=“PROCESS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING“]Implement process management successfully.
Competent consulting with many years of experience.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_headline tag=“h2″ fontweight=“400″ lineheight=““ fontsize=“30px“ margin=“0 0 15px 0″]Optimal process automation with BPMC[/fennec_headline]

BPMC provides space and flexibility in the execution of processes while being combined with social media functions.

BPMC is a flexible and powerful platform that automates your business processes. BPMC supports common standards like BPMN, CMMN and DMN and more. Open interfaces allow easy implementation into your existing IT environment.

Access to process data in real time allows monitoring of process characteristics using personalized dashboards and extensive reporting functionality.

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BPMC Devices
[fennec_headline tag=“h2″ fontweight=“700″ lineheight=““ texttransform=“uppercase“ fontsize=“26px“]Services[/fennec_headline][fennec_divider margin=“30px 0 60px 0″ color=“#efefef“]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-laptop“ title=“Process Management Strategy“]We help you develop a strategy for the implementation of processor-oriented work.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-search“ title=“Process Assesment“]Our experts analyze the current process landscape during workshops and identify potential for improvement.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-navicon“ title=“Design and Optimization“]We help you set up or optimize your process management structures and process landscapes.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-pie-chart“ title=“Process Controlling“]Access the Performance Dashboard in BPMC for real time process control from the desired viewing angle: quality, efficiency and processing time as well as periodical offline reporting are the basis for sound process control.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-tasks“ title=“Implementation“]In cooperation with you we develop and implement process management structures and process landscapes.[/fennec_icontext]
[fennec_icontext url=“#“ iconcolor=“#21add9″ icon=“fa-cogs“ title=“Automation“]Process automation using BPMC means user support and SW optimization over the entire lifecycle as well as during the integration of your existing IT landscape.[/fennec_icontext]
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